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PH-F140D30 140mm Fan

Product Code : PH-F140D30

The Phanteks D30-140 comes equipped with integrated D-RGB lighting throughout its frame and blades on all sides. Multiple D30-140 fan frames can be linked together as one with bridge connectors and screw cover plates to reduce cables, resulting in extremely clean builds.
The D30-140 combines premium D-RGB lighting with 30 mm thick and aerodynamic fan blades inspired by the ultimate T30 fan, which makes it a true premium D-RGB fan for modern systems. The D30-140 comes in two airflow direction models, regular and reversed. This unique option allows for the ultimate fan configuration for any system.

  SINGLE Regular Black SINGLE Reverse Black SINGLE Regular White SINGLE Reverse White
UPC Code : 886523002963 886523003298 886523002970 886523003304
  TRIPLE Regular Black TRIPLE Reverse Black TRIPLE Regular White TRIPLE Reverse White
Model NO : PH-F140D30_DRGB_PWM_BK01_3P PH-F140D30R_DRGB_PWM_BK01_3P PH-F140D30_DRGB_PWM_WT01_3P PH-F140D30R_DRGB_PWM_WT01_3P
UPC Code : 886523002987 886523003311 886523002994 886523003328