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PWM Fan Hub

Product Code : PH-PWHUB

Phanteks PWM fan hub has 6 fan headers allowing for up to 12 fans or 30 watts of consumed power. The package also includes 2 3-pin splitters for a total of 8 connections without needing to purchase additional splitters. Mounting can be done on any Enthoo Series case with the provided screws or any other case using the universal mounting strips.



The Phanteks PWM Fan Hub is capable of powering up to *11x fans (3-pin) through PWM modulation, while occupying only 1x 4-pin header of your motherboard per Fan Hub. At the same time this Fan Hub also keeps your chassis interior clean and tidy by centralizing all your fan cables. The PWM hub comes with pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation to your Enthoo cases and also Velcro strips for use with other chassis. Power LED illuminates the Phanteks Logo when the PWM hub is powered on.

Model NO : PH-PWHUB_01    
UPC Code : 886523300045    
38mm x 17.5mm x 46mm (WxHxD)
1.5in x 0.7in x 1.8in (WxHxD)
Fan Connector Quantity
6 Fan Channels
Fan Channel Wattage
30W Total MAX